Five single-origin 100% Arabica gourmet mountain coffees, to be tasted in all their purity using the most common filter brewing methods to enhance the aromas of the different countries of origin. From October 20th to the 24th, it will be possible to preview them at Host in Milan, the international expo dedicated to the sector.

Palermo, October 19th – From the historic district San Lorenzo ai Colli in Palermo to the prestigious international coffee expo in Milan with the “Musa Nera” of coffee. Morettino, the artisanal coffee roasting plant from Palermo will present “La Musa Nera” for the first time at Host 2017, the new line of single-origin Arabica mountain coffees. “The Black Coffee Muse (La Musa Nera) guides us in selecting the most refined coffee origins in the world – according to Andrea Morettino, export manager of the historic coffee company from Palermo – and preserving the secrets of the artisanal production process that we have passed on for the past four generations, and inspires us in spreading the authentic quality coffee culture.”


A selection of special coffees cultivated in mountainous regions with the unique microclimates of the hot tropical countries of origin, resulting from the best seasonal harvests by small local producers, rigorously respecting quality. With the new concept Morettino Coffee Lab” (Pavilion 14 / D31) it will be possible to have a unique sensory experience: all the coffee lovers will be able to taste up to five pure Arabica coffees, filter brewed to enhance the characteristic aromas of the different origin countries. The coffees that will be previewed are: Costarica Sbh Tarrazù, harvested form the plantations at 1.500 meters in elevation and with a typical pronounced acidity; Colombia Supremo form the Popayan Cauca region, with a chocolate aroma with notes of honey, fresh butter and walnut; Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, without a doubt one of the best Ethiopian coffees, harvested at 2.000 meters in elevation and naturally processed; India Bababudan AA form the Karnataka region, with a good body and aromas of spices and almonds; Brasil Santons cultivated at more than one thousand meters in elevation in the Alta Mogiana region.

The single-origins will be filter brewed with the most widespread brewing techniques: from the Pour Over to Chemex, and the more innovative Cold Drip systems, for an authentic Coffee Experience.


At the expo in Milan, Morettino will also present the newest organic “Pure Organic Coffee” line, dedicated to Nature’s essential elements: Terrae, Naturae, Aquae that go beyond the traditional concept of organic. In fact, the Morettino “Pure Organic Coffees” are carefully selected directly in the origin countries, through the collaboration with the small local producers, respecting the local communities and the workers on the plantations. The berries are manually picked and selected using the Hand Picking method. The ethical respect of the raw material continues even when the green coffee arrives at the coffee roasting plant in Palermo, where a slow, artisanal and eco-sustainable processing guarantees its healthiness and superior quality. For Espresso and sustainability lovers, it will be possible to taste the organic coffees Naturae and Terrae 100% Arabica blends, or as a single-origin with Aquae, a Peruvian Arabica single origin decaffeinated with a natural method.


For the demanding customers and those who prefer the mono-portions, but want to support environmental sustainability, Host will also feature the “Espresso al Quadrato” system, recently awarded with the prestigious Compasso d’Oro. They are eco-sustainable artisanal and freshly ground coffee pods with an extremely light filter paper, completely biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly. A unique system, patented by Morettino and created allowing the consumer to brew the perfect espresso. The system also includes a coffee machine with a dedicated extraction system, small, elegant and 100% made in Italy by Sicilian designers. A sort of “artisanal jewel” that has already become highly desired by many quality coffee lovers.

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