In occasion of the 120th anniversary of the theater’s foundation and Palermo’s nomination as the next Capital of Culture in 2018, the historic literary café of the Teatro Massimo was re-opened during the cultural project “Palermo’s Café”: an artistic and cultural journey where the Teatro Massimo’s Café and Caffè Morettino meet, two significant realities of our territory.

The fascinating project took place in the magical location of the once Caffè of the Belle Époque, a place for chatting and entertainment for the aristocrats of the beginning of the 20th century. Afterwards, the café became the headquarters for Press Society, where many of Italy’s most important journalists and writers spent time. A unique location, Palermo’s memorable history and soul, given back to the citizens, who now have a chance to experience through a program of cultural, artistic and culinary events.

The “Theater’s Coffee Menu” was created exclusively by Morettino for Teatro Massimo. “Coffee sets our daily rhythm, it highlights its moments and feelings, meetings and thoughts” according to Arturo Morettino. “Like a perfect composition, its sensory notes are composed in harmony, in a symphony of flavor that surrounds us. Each coffee has its own time, rhythm and melody, for this reason it gives us a different feeling each time”.


In the center of the city, at one of the garden tables or one of the fresco covered rooms in the Café, it is possible to rediscover the authentic pleasure of coffee based on personal preference, the time of day or even mood, through one of the 8 coffee selections on the Menu picked by Morettino: 5 selected blends as an “Ensemble”, the Reserve 1897 (year the theater was founded) which will be a Moderato, the Cremaroma Vivace con Brio, the Mediterraneo a Vivace, or a Decaffeinated Mediterraneo an Adagio; 3 single-origin Arabica’s as a “Solo”, Vivacissimo from Ethiopia Sidamo, the Allegro from Brazil Santos or Andante from Nicaragua Matagalpa.

“We strongly believe that doing business implies a great responsibility in promoting and telling the story of the territory, of its treasures and its excellences – according to Andrea Morettino, who represents the fourth generation of the Morettino family. Sicily has a great natural beauty, which is a gift that needs to be nurtured and promoted. I hope that this cultural project, which starts from the center of our city, is an ambassador of beauty worldwide, and a new incentive to attract an international public, like the tourists that come to admire it, but most importantly the citizens, in a moment of deep cultural change, which should be lived with contagious enthusiasm.”

“Congratulations to Caffè Morettino – the Mayor Leoluca Orlando tweets – that once again, through the cultural project “Palermo’s Coffee”, is able to blend culture with entrepreneurship.”

“We are thankful to the Morettino company – Francesco Giambrone, supervisor of the Teatro Massimo – which was one of the first companies to support the Theatre with the Art Bonus. Palermo’s heritage isn’t only its extraordinary monuments and artistic texture, but it also includes its historic companies. Therefore, this initiative at the Theatre’s Café is the combination of two excellences, entrepreneurship and culture.”

The program will feature some of the city’s major representatives of the different art forms tied to culture and coffee – Giuseppina Torregrossa for literature, Gaetano Basile for history, Giuseppe Milici for music, Alessandro Bazan for art, Antonio Cappadonia for traditional ice-cream, and Pucci Scafidi for creative photography – accompanied by a gastronomic tasting by Chef Ferdinando Napoli, created around “art” for each event. The launch featured the historian Gaetano Basile, who presented the event “From Coffee to Cafés”, which covered over 1000 years of history of coffee and cafés, and their cultural significance as a sign of the city’s dynamism.

Giovanna Marano – councilor for Palermo’s Department of Labor – was also enthusiastic and said: “a great initiative for rediscovering a historic productive calling for the city”
“Spreading the coffee culture is in the soul of the Morettino family – Arturo Morettino concludes. The exclusive Coffee Museum and the Morettino School of Coffee symbolize gathering, spreading and education, and are located at our coffee plant in S. Lorenzo Colli.

The cultural project that features our company at the Teatro Massimo Café, during the event of Palermo’s nomination as the next Capital of Culture, is an expression of our commitment to promote the authentic coffee culture, with its deep historical, social and cultural significance connected to the territory. Our mission is founded on the respect of our four pillars, which we call the “four capital C’s”: Coffee, Culture, City and Consumer”. We want to rediscover the Theater’s magical Café, starting this intense journey from the heart of our beloved city”.

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Palermo, April 10th, 2017 

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