The International Coffee Tasting, the most important international coffee contest, selected the 2016 winners. Caffè Morettino, the long-established company from Palermo, won three gold medals, in a competition with over 100 coffee producers from all-over the world. Among the 219 coffees in the competition, the 3 Morettino blends awarded were: “Grangusto”, “Reserve 100% Arabica” and “Mediterraneo Organic 100% Arabica”.

After the success in the previous years, the long-established company from Palermo, founded in 1950 by Angelo Morettino, reached another historic achievement at the “Coffee Olympics”, proof of their ability to innovate maintaining the highest quality standards. The ability to promote a slow and artisanal production process, constantly researching the evolution of the consumer’s taste on a global level, is one of Morettino’s distinguishing values, making the company with a Sicilian soul a key-player internationally among quality and artisanal coffees.

The awarded Morettino blends Grangusto, Reserve 100% Arabica and Mediterraneo Organic 100% Arabica, with their unique taste and intriguing combination of flavors and aromas, describe the history of coffee and its artisanal production, from its origins to the Espresso cup. Proof that not all coffees are the same and that in a society becoming more aware about health and wellness, only quality products will stimulate a virtuous economy while satisfying our senses with more taste.
“Winning 3 Gold Medals is a historic achievement that rewards the values of our artisanal production and the excellence of our selection – according to Arturo Morettino, head of Research & Development of the family company – We are convinced that drinking a quality coffee made to perfection can provide a unique moment of wellness and pleasure. We dedicate this success to the hard-work and passion of our partners, and to the consumers that daily reward us with their trust.”

“On its tenth anniversary, the International Coffee Tasting has proven that coffee is seeking a new status, similar to the one wine holds – according to Luigi Odello, President of IAC – the shift from daily to careful and researched consumption, is happening through the use of quality beans, balanced roasting and careful preparation, such as espresso, which has become a symbol of professionalism in the emerging countries. For this reason, Italian Espresso should be recognized as true inspiration worldwide.”

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