The new Morettino micro-roastery featured at the most renowned organic food fair in Europe with its product line of natural and ethical coffees, which go beyond the concept of organic. Previewed in Nuremberg, the single-origin of Specialty coffee “Mexico Altura” and the Filter product line.

Palermo, February 11th – Natural coffees carefully selected directly in the countries of origin through the collaboration with small producers, while respecting those working in the plantations and in the local communities. The ambitious project by the Morettino micro-roastery combines the vision of an eco-sustainable production with the knowledge of traditions, aiming for small on-demand productions of “ethical” artisanal coffees, going beyond the concept of organic production.

These will be the coffees presented at Biofach in Nuremberg, the main organic food fair that will be held from February 13th to the 16th. It will be possible to taste them at the Morettino stand (Pad. 4 Halle 4-13/4-321), in their espresso and filtered coffee versions.

In Nuremberg, Morettino will preview for the first time two of the new organic coffees: the single-origin “Mexico Altura” from the Specialty coffee line “La Musa Nera” and the new selection of pure Arabica blends with smoother roasting profiles, ideal for filter coffee brewing.

“Mexico Altura” is a single-origin from the varieties Typica, Caturra and Bourbon, which come from the plantation that grow on the mountains of Chiapas above 1.200 meters in elevation. The drupes are handpicked and stripped using water, while the roasting process is smooth, ideal for filter brewing.

The filter line, is a selection of pure Arabica blends created to meet the needs of the new coffee consumption methods. The Filter Bio (Peru Chanchamayo, Brazil Alta Mogiana, Mexico Berilo) will be presented in Nuremberg, with a light roasting and a smooth taste.

Both coffees, true to the Morettino tradition, are roasted using an artisanal and slow process, with clean warm air: the method is innovative, eco-friendly and healthy, which allows to enhance the coffee’s organoleptic properties, avoiding contaminations from airborne substances that come from the industrial roasting processes.

Also, It will be possible to taste at Biofach the Morettino “Pure Organic Coffee” selections, the product line of pure organic coffees dedicated to the elements in Nature, which, after their recent launch, have had a great success with the most demanding international buyers in this category: Terrae 100% Arabica (gold medal at the 2018 International Coffee Tasting), Naturae (blend of refined Arabica and Robusta) and Aquae (single-origin of Arabica naturally decaffeinated with water).

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Morettino Press Office – Geraldine Pedrotti,